DSP Corporate

Company Overview

DSP is a distinguished service provider dedicated to delivering exceptional infrastructure services, staffing & recruitment solutions, and managed services to organizations worldwide. Our mission revolves around empowering organizations to enhance operational efficiency through comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure and staffing solutions, finely optimized to reduce costs and meet critical timelines.

Moreover, our pride lies in offering tailored and managed services that cater to the unique demands of both technical and non-technical operations within the organizations. By aligning our services with their specific needs, we enable seamless and hassle-free operations.

In addition, our commitment extends beyond services. We actively contribute to developing a skilled workforce by providing comprehensive training in diverse industry-specific skills. We just don’t fulfill the talent requirements of businesses, we also help individuals find enriching, fulfilling, and meaningful employment opportunities that match their potential and skill sets. At DSP, we are passionate about creating a bridge between talent and success.



At DSP Group, our resolute mission is to empower organizations globally through cutting-edge infrastructure services, strategic staffing solutions, and meticulous managed services. Our pledge entails delivering unwavering excellence, optimizing efficiency, and fostering innovation. By doing so, we enable our diverse clients to achieve distinctive success, propelling growth, sustainability, and meaningful employment prospects into the future.


Our vision is to emerge as a dominant global leader in the sphere of innovative infrastructure and comprehensive workforce development and management solutions. We are resolutely committed to achieving this by prioritizing sustainability and pioneering approaches, thereby becoming the trusted and preferred partner for organizations that aspire to attain unparalleled excellence, efficiency, and growth.

Core Values

We are dedicated to upholding excellence in the execution of our services, while concurrently upholding integrity in our business endeavours. Our pursuit is to build our reputation on the foundation of the trust vested in us by both our esteemed customers and the individuals we collaborate with. Our pledge remains to be steadfastly responsible to both our environment and the well-being and safety of our personnel..

Why DSP Group?


Decades of Expertise

Bringing over 20 years of industry expertise to deliver exceptional solutions and results.


Client Satisfaction

With trust from 100+ corporate clients, our services stand as a cornerstone of satisfaction.


Skilled Professionals

Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to excellence in every endeavor.


Project Success

Our established track record guarantees successful project delivery every time.

Our Presence

We have infrastructure/ associates not only in New Delhi but in other major cities like
Delhi Noida Gurugram Jaipur Jodhpur Ludhiana Chandigarh